2012…a new dawn! 2

It is tradition to wish everyone a happy new year when the old one ends and a new one begins. But the past year will leave a mark on everybody’s memory for its events.

On one side, there was (and still is) the economic crisis, that we all suffer from. On the other were the people, who wouldn’t blindly accept the terms of a capitalist world any more and stood up for their rights. The “Real Democracy”, “99%”, “Anonymous” and other similar groups were created to make a difference and bring the focus back to humanity instead of profit. These revolutions gave birth to other nationwide protests in the Arab region of the world which, with the help of web 2.0 platforms, organized a way to – hopefully – democracy unspoken of in history.

“Now, how does all this affect us here in our little hackerspace?” you might ask. Well, it affects us a lot…not only that the forced transparencies of certain government data was achieved through hackers but this movement showed us all that we can make a difference! When we stand up and raise our voices, we can help democracy make a huge step.

So if 2011 was a year of revolutions, let 2012 be a year of build-up. Let’s build a better future for all of us with projects that go farther…real green energy, transparency of governments and politics, open minded to encounter new frontiers. Let us inspire our members and friends to new horizons yet to be explored. Let us discover new talents, push the limits of knowledge and get the best out of everyone. Let 2012 be the most awesome year yet.

In this sense, syn2cat wishes all of its members and supporters a truly
Happy and Awesome New Year!

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