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Some of you have not yet heard about it. Some of you already started counting days in October. And some of you will already be prepared from the years before.

Behind Enemy Lines

The Chaos Communication Congress in Berlin is reaching its 28th happening; this years topic:

Behind Enemy Lines

As every year, hackers from all over the planet – and beyond ? – are joining the movement in Berlin for 5 days of non-stop hacking on all subjects. However, as not everyone is able to join folks in the digital stronghold, solutions needed to come up…

Peace Missions

The Peace Missions are this solution which include many other solutions within it: Live streaming from the congress, access through a VPN directly in the remote network in Berlin, IRC of different subjects regarding the big hacker event, Hacker Jeopardy and others. All these opportunities give those who need to stay behind a pretty nice and dynamic possibility to join the fellows in the digital stronghold.

This year’s Peace Mission in Luxembourg will take place in syn2cat Hackerspace in cooperation with C3L. No one should be left behind and everyone should get the possibility to watch, hack and live the same way as the fellow companions do in the capital of Germany.

syn2cat will be open for 24/7 from the 27th to the 30th of December. As there are multiple lectures, talks and workshops taking place at the congress, we need to decide what we’d like to watch together on the big screen. So a democratic vote among the attendees will decide what will be streamed live from the 28C3 to Strassen. All other events can of course be watched live as well or at a later point in time on the displays in the Lab, notebooks, etc.

Acquired a taste for it? Well so! Check out the wiki page for detailed information on schedules and events.

So long,
no nerd is left behind!

27C3 - Day0 by anders_hh

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