Hacking haunting hardware

Early this month, more exactly on the 2nd of September from 7pm till around midnight, Strassen’s city council and their city youth committee organised the second iteration of their


The last two weeks leading up to the event saw hackers buzzing through the hackerspace, looking for gimmicks they could transform into bristling and beautiful artefacts that would make the night hike an ever lasting experience for Strassen’s youth.

Not all hacks turned out to be a success, but in the end, we had truly created a corridor of awesome, using ping-pong balls, LEDs, glass fibre, thread, movement detectors, sound effects, and every piece of hardware we could abuse one way or another to our end.


Finally, syn2cat not only stuffed a considerable part of the path with hacked up, spooky materials but also manned a stand showcasing a makerbot, some lasertagging action and the well-known and obligatory blinkenlights. Thus, syn2cat once again displayed their involvement in the commune of Strassen and their ability to hack on much more than just computers and micro-electronics.

We’re looking forward to next year’s edition where syn2cat will definitely become even more involved.


Find more photos and some additional information on our wiki!

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