Syn2cat meets Shack 1

Syn2cat meets Shack

On last Friday two hackers from Syn2cat hit the road to the Large Hacker Convention taking place in the Shackspace (the Stuttgart hackerspace) which didn’t just promise a lot but exceeded by far all expectations with a whole bunch of hacking activities in hard- and software (see pictures here).

Nougat creme and marshmellow pieces wrapped in puff pastry

BUT hacking doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s limited to that only, quite the opposite. Beside coding and soldering a couple of food hacks were done like nougat creme and marshmellow pieces wrapped in puff pastry. Hmm, yam … very tasty. Another one was the awesome Club-Mate wine brought by Raumzeitlabor which was an experimental but excellent drink 🙂

Amongst others one highlight at the convention was the etching and soldering workshop done by ourselves. With a non-linear, chaotic and quite adaptive talk and workshop schedule we managed to make it a success overall. After hacking all day and all night Syn2cat and Shackspace finally invented by accident the wireless business card microphone and the tin can phone using a hacked tomato can.

Wireless Business Card Microphone

After all these impressions this surely won’t be the last edition of The Famous Etching and Soldering Workshop. With the modded transmitter the epic epicness has started 🙂

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  1. prometheus Aug 31, 2011 21:16

    Nice blogpost man!
    Happy to read that it went so well and you all had an excellent hacking weekend with a bunch of nice ideas. 🙂

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